Off to the post office tomorrow!

Joe Carlough of Displaced Snail delivered the rest of the first print run today. Two boxes of beautiful!  I spent the afternoon addressing envelopes for all the pre-orders and will head over the post office tomorrow.

Since I don’t want the books to be bent in shipping, I’m including small piece of cardboard in each envelope. Where, one might ask, did I acquire 35 pieces of cardboard, all the same size, and just right for protecting a chapbook?

Fancy Feast. Yep, cat food. At some point I noticed the cardboard they put between layers of cans in their boxes would be just the right size for mailing small books. So once my manuscript was accepted, I started stock piling them in the bathroom closet. Today I got to raid my stash. I came up a few short, but I had two boxes I just brought home and hadn’t opened yet. Perfect!

If you pre-ordered, start checking your mail in a few days. Books are going 1st class, so they shouldn’t take long.



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